A piece of the sun in every can. Everyday of the year.


Clean Cannabis grown in California.

Packaged in 3.5 grams and 1 ounce. 100% recyclable.



22 tons of weed washed ashore the Brazilian coastline in '87

It was later confirmed that the cans of maconha were dumped at sea by the crew of Solana Star.

Many people believed it must have been a gift from Yemanja, the Goddess of the Living Ocean. Those lucky enough to share in the experience soon gained a new source of inspiration for life and imagined a brighter political and economic outlook for the future.

This Summer, DA LATA arrives to Cali with the same spirit of liberation and the quest to share the gifts of nature. We believe medicine should be accessible, affordable and safe. Adelánte!


Revisit History

The Summer of the Cans

Documentary film directed by Tocha Alves & Haná Vaisman

2014, runtime: 59m - English subtitles